Venders Call: Nancy Torres


Awards Party Dec 11, 2022.

Deep End Bar and Grill

4 PM until.  A wonderful party and BBQ for boat owners and their crews.

Immediately following the Boat Parade Fireworks!!!!!!!!

Thats right everyone, immediately following the St. Croix Christmas Boat Parade Billy Desmond our Master Blaster give the whole crowd a thrilling experience with beautiful Fireworks!

​The 22st Year Anniversary!

  • Executive Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Executive Coordinator
  • Christmas tree on Boardwalk Mill
  • Permit Committee
  • Advertising Committee
  • Marketing/Planning Committee
  • Boat Owners Committee
  • The Course Navigation Committee
  • Party Committee
  •  Safety Boats Committee
  • Safety boats will handle all safe
  • Boardwalk Entertainment Committee
  • Judging Committee
  • Gift Prizes Committee
  • Christiansted Clean UP Committee
  • Fireworks Committee
  • Santa Clause and Elfs

When it happens

behind the Scenes

Billy Desmond Master Blaster

Parade Meetings.

At 2 Plus 2  time 6 PM

Dec 1

Dec 8, mandatory

Photos from 2019 St. Croix Christmas Boat Parade.

Parade Course coordinators

Willard John  and Joel Ureta are the amazing Parade course coordinators to help you move from start to finish  keeping you safe all along the way. There are no fees to enter your boat just call Joel at 340-643-4665.

Venders call Nancy:




​immediately following the St. Croix Christmas Boat Parade.

Charities we support

​December 10, 2022


Co Chair persons

Trish Rhodes and Sal Sanpere.

We have 19 committees that help us make the St. Croix Christmas Boat Parade a memorable and magical evening. Let us guide you in that amazing journey of Christmas! Trish's cell 340-643-0555 and Sal 340-690-0006.

The St. Croix Christmas Boat Parade supports many children charities here on St. Croix.

  • Toys for Tots
  • Boy Scouts
  • Boys and Girls club
  • Jr. Achievement 
  • Special Olympics
  • CASA
  • Luv kids

Award Winners – 2019 St. Croix Christmas Boat Parade

Boat (Captains and owners)
Grand Prize
Ruffian (Chris Stanton)
2nd Grand Prize
Time Out (Joe Croney)
Special Recognition
Kevy Lou Canoe (Kevin Ryan)

Award – Boat (Captains and owners)
1st place in Creativity – Ursa Mango (John Downing and Carol Shores)

Small Power Boat
First Place Prizes
Lights – Polar (Bully Bartley and Shanya Hanley)
Decorations – Family Lines (Marco, Julio and Luis Gonzalez)
Creativity – Tiki Barge (Scott Buchanan)
Overall Impact – Sea Feather (Lee Fleming)

Second Place
Lights – Trinity (Larry and Joan Kupfer)
Decorations – Cat Chi (Andy Simpson)
Creativity – Rosie (John and Alice McCoy)
Overall Impact – Hi Life (Kevin Moran)

Large Power Boat
First Place
Lights – Benita (Glen Swanston and Benita Carol John)
Decoration – Fortunate Fool (Eric and Stephany Ahrens)
Creativity – Discovery (Kirk Chewning)
Overall Impact – Baby Shark (Austin Schneider and Dave Johnson)

Second Place
Decoration – Smooth Recovery (Matt Ridgeway)
Overall Impact – Adventure (Steve Kammerzelt).